Our Mission

The mission is the guiding compass of the church. It defines “who we are.” It’s a thread that should weave through every activity and ministry opportunity that we undertake. Simply put, our mission is our unique expression of the Great Commission.

Our mission statement is:

FBCBA exists to reach BA and beyond by multiplying disciples to follow Jesus.

Everything we do should stem from our mission of making disciples.





Values are the motivational flame of the church. They are our shared convictions that guide our actions and define “why we do what we do.” They help us in day-to-day decision-making and action steps. They form much of our philosophy for ministry, and they shape our culture.

Our values are:

Jesus First

We love Jesus most and passionately follow Him before we lead and love others.

Team Building

We use our spiritual gifts to encourage, support, and work alongside others to fulfill our mission.

All In

We strive to give our all and our best in all facets of life and ministry.

Mission Focused

We love God and others more than our methods. Every ministry must fulfill and multiply mission.

Word Driven

We desire to live, love, and lead like Jesus by living out God’s Word among each other and to others.