All of us are called to participate in God’s mission to share the story of Jesus Christ with the world, but sometimes we feel as if we are not qualified to be used by God.  The Apostle Paul called himself “the chief of all sinners.” The book of Acts tells us that he hated Christians and was trying to extinguish Jesus’ followers. Yet, our Father in Heaven created Paul, changed his heart and used Paul’s writing to tell Jesus’ story for centuries. If God can use a man like Paul, then surely he can use people like us. Each summer we write a five-part drama to illustrate a Biblical teaching point.  This summer our story is about an ambitious, young railroad tycoon who sees the power of steam and rail to change the world.  His zeal for the railroad has blinded him to the possibility of air travel. So when a young inventor comes to town talking about a “new way” to travel, our railroad tycoon has a problem, until his encounter….This summer, it is our hope that your camper will learn about God’s Gospel message for the world and be inspired to take the good news of eternal life in Jesus Christ to the world.

Kids who have completed third grade through fifth grade are invited to join us at Camp Siloam. Camp is June 20-24. Each child registered is $225.

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